Green Marketing

I have noticed more and more now that businesses have tried to use green marketing to promote their products. Initially, I was not a great fan of the idea because somewhere I had made an assumption that the companies were deceiving the consumers. There is actually a term for this, called greenwashing.

Green·wash (grēn’wŏsh’, -wôsh’) – verb: the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.

TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc. have actually come up with “The Six Sins of Greenwashing.” They are as follows:

  1. Sin of the Hidden Trade-Off
  2. Sin of No Proof
  3. Sin of Vagueness
  4. Sin of Irrelevance
  5. Sin of Fibbing
  6. Sin of Lesser of Two Evils

The name of the sin is almost self-explanatory for all of them, but you should also read report that TerraChoice wrote for a very interesting read.

There are companies that don’t break the six sins though. I also believe that there are companies out there that really do believe in preserving the environment. It’s a very effective strategy for marketing. I can only see it as a win-win situation if it’s done right. With really large businesses, they have a large impact on the world. The fact that the impact can be good for the environment couldn’t be a bad thing, right?


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