E-mail Marketing

Lately I have been signing up for a lot of e-mail subscriptions. I think e-mail marketing is just brilliant. It is a win-win situation for both the business and the consumer. The business gets to promote itself, and advertise and it’s relatively cheap. The consumer on the other hand is offered great deals and has the ability to stop the e-mails at any time by unsubscribing. The below I made below pretty much shows that E-mail beats out traditional mail almost every time. I do think that direct mail has its advantages at times, such as the fact that you can personalize and I personally really enjoy getting mail, even if it’s just an advertisement.

Method Traditional Mail E-Mail
Cost Cost of paper, ink, stamps, variable cost Cheap, fixed cost
Speed Days, Weeks, Months Almost instantaneous
Dependability Potential to be lost Very dependable
Ease A lot of work (paperwork, printing, sending) Very simple (a few clicks)
Environmental Concerns The more printed, the more paper used No paper necessary for unlimited amount of advertisements
Required of Consumer Name, home address, postal code E-mail address
Privacy for Consumer Some personal information may be needed Not very much personal information is needed
Ease of Opting-Out May require a letter, or a phone call Only a few clicks are necessary
Proof of promotions Physical coupons may be lost Virtual coupons are saved in inbox, and can be reprinted
Personalization Possible, since letters are being sent separately More difficult since it would mean each e-mail would be sent separately
Feedback Difficult, consumers will have to put effort into putting feedback Easy, consumers can add feedback almost instantaneously

I do like traditional mail sometimes because you can do things like paper pop-ups (although I suppose you could do a pop-up in an e-mail as well…. though that is usually not a good sign). I think a balanced mix of the two is the more effective than just choosing one or the other. I guess this is where the statisticians and analysts come in and decide exactly how much of each to produce.


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