Facebook – Like it?

It’s a wonder how this solid blue rectangle with simple text on it has become something of a symbol. It was just 7 years ago that the word would conjure up absolutely nothing. It would have just been an awkward compound word that didn’t make sense. Today, Facebook brings up millions of users (500 million users as of July 2010) and connections from all over the world.

Many businesses have been able to take advantage of Facebook and use it towards their company. Some companies have even emerged because of Facebook (think Farmville). I think it’s all quite fascinating and amazing.

Facebook has gone through many changes through the years. Through layout changes and the whole concept of “being a fan” has now been adapted into “liking” pages. The word like has never been such a powerful word. It’s almost as though Facebook has revolutionized the word. What does it mean to be liked? For companies, it’s a very good thing. Many businesses have followed the trend and made their own page dedicated to their business. Users can “like” their page and they can potentially get deals and rewards that you can’t otherwise get. I have also seen many cases where a company will enter you for a chance to win a prize if you like their page (I admittedly have done so on several occasions in hopes of winning the much discussed iPad).

This is an example of another win-win situation for companies. With so many users on Facebook, the chances are high that your target market is somewhere within the Facebook users, so why not communicate to them? With very active and updated feeds and notifications, you can be sure that people will hear what you have to say, and the moment you say it.

The speed of it all is outstanding. It even beats e-mail in speed. Your consumers can also communicate back an instant you say something, or better yet, they can “like” what you say. Facebook creates a perfect environment for businesses to communicate with their consumers, and it makes it quick and easy too.

Of course, Facebook isn’t done there. Have you noticed all the Facebook ads on the sidebar? That’s another story though.


3 thoughts on “Facebook – Like it?

  1. Frankly, I just deleted my Facebook account. Check out my blog post to find out why… I think it is a horrible waste of time to constantly compare yourself to other people and their lives. That is just one man’s opinion though.

  2. I can’t say I disagree with you. There was that whole controversy with privacy issues. I must admit that I probably spent more time than I should have on Facebook, but still from a company’s perspective Facebook is a wonderful marketing tool.

  3. This is very true. I think it is a wonderful tool for businesses. I think that it can be great for bloggers and even for students. But it can also be abused. But so can everything. Unfortunately where there is good there is also always bad.

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