Paid to be a Walking Billboard

Almost everyone has a t-shirt in their closet that they bought with a giant logo on it. I’m no different. We are all “walking billboards” in some way. We advertise for companies when we use their product. It’s interesting though, because we pay them to advertise for their product. Well, Jason Sadler from I Wear Your Shirt has it all figured out. He realized they could actually make money wearing t-shirts and being a paid walking billboard.

Jason Sadler

Jason Sadler, the founder of I Wear Your Shirt

Starting January 1, 2009, Sadler charged $1 to wear a company’s t-shirt and advertise it for a day. Every day after that, it would cost $1 more, until it would cost $365 for Sadler to wear a shirt for December 31st. In 2010, he started charging $2 for January 1 and he added another t-shirt wearer, Evan White. Needless to say, it has been a total success. They have sold out every day for 2010 already and other businesses are eager to start signing up for 2011.

There’s also the option of being their monthly sponsor. For just $2500, you can be featured on their website and be on their daily social media mentions. Speaking of social media, I Wear Your Shirt does a lot of it. It makes sense; you can’t just wear a company’s shirt and have no one know about it, it would defeat the purpose. They tweet on Twitter, take videos for YouTube, upload their pictures to Flickr, and blog on their I Wear Your Shirt site.

I also find that it’s a little ironic that you can buy an t-shirt for $15 dollars on their store site. There’s only 100 left, they say. All I can say is: Why didn’t I think of that? It’s okay though, one day I’ll think of something equally as brilliant.


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