I Love the Kindle Commercials

I was just browsing around YouTube when I came across this Kindle commercial. It reminded me a lot of Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie that I recalled seeing a while back. Kindle probably used it as inspiration but I think they implemented it very well. They have several more commercials and I’ll direct you here to their channel if you’d like to see the rest.

I was reflecting on how effective I think commercials are and I have my own thoughts but I’m sure the marketing experts have a much better idea. They have their data and research tools but I know that commercials have definitely influenced my decisions on making a purchases many times before.

It’s unfortunate that I do not have a television in my house right now because I actually enjoy commercials. It’s interesting to see what other companies come up with. The creative ones always get to me the most. I tried to think of all the work that goes behind the scenes of making the commercials and it seemed a bit overwhelming. It probably isn’t that daunting of a task since it’s usually a group of people that get it done rather than a poor soul running around crazily. It’d be interesting to be part of a commercial team.

I digress again, but I just really wanted to note how interested I was in the Kindle commercial. I have been a little infrequent in blogging lately due to school starting again. I’m making a slow but steady transition and hopefully I’ll be right back at learning about marketing rather than just my courses I’m taking!


One thought on “I Love the Kindle Commercials

  1. I really enjoyed watching the Her Morning Elegance video you linked (I’ve never seen stop animation with real people before..). Personally I like humourous commercials the most, a recent example is the Wii hockey stick with Wayne Gretzky. The making of commercials seem to be one of those magical fields that ignites the imagination.

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