Google Advertising Programs

I’ve always wondered how Google advertising works, so I looked it up. There is Google Google Adwords and Google Adsense. Google tries to create a win-win situation for both cases.

Google Adwords
This is Google’s advertising tool for businesses that want to advertise their company. Setting up an account is free and they make it extremely easy to use, and even if you do not have a website beforehand, Google gives the option of making a website for free. They allow for flexibility in terms of time commitment and how much they want to spend.

Google also helps businesses be in control of their advertisement. The company can choose keywords, languages, and geographic locations of their target. There are many tools that help the company keep track of the how well the advertising is working and best of all, you only pay when you get results!

Google Adsense
This is pretty much the opposite of Google Adwords. This is Google’s tool for people to gain revenue by advertising online. There is no fee for Google Adsense. You just get paid when people click on the ads that are on your site. You can customize and choose where to put the ads and you can also track how the ads are doing.

Google’s advertisement programs seem so brilliant. They cater to big and small companies and to individuals and groups. They allow for so much flexibility. It’s no wonder that they’re doing so well.


One thought on “Google Advertising Programs

  1. Hi Joanne, You seem to have understood the 2 elements of Google advertising in a nutshell. It’s also worth pointing out that most of Google’ revenue comes through these two programmes. They recently attributed their increase in profits to a 3% increase in revenue from ads and an increase in ad clicks overall too.

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