Don’t Put All Your Digital Eggs Into One Digital Basket

I recently read an open letter to Google from Dylan, a user that had 7 years of his digital life deleted. Dylan was an avid user of Google Products and used Google for almost every aspect of his online experience. He had approximately 7 years of correspondence, over 4,800 photographs and videos, his Google Voice messages, over 500 articles saved to his Google Reader account, his Blogger account, and all his bookmarks deleted. He is not sure as to why his account was disabled, and has tried various methods to try and figure out why his account was disabled.

I hope he can figure out what happened to his account. I will use this as a warning to back up my files. I use Google for many of my online activities but I think it’s probably good to not put all my eggs in one basket. I’m glad I have read this as this is a reminder that my online presence is not completely controlled by me. This is really unfortunate that Dylan had to face this situation, but he has had overwhelming support from other users and hopefully his questions will be answered.


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