Take This Lollipop and Get Ready to be Creeped Out!

Take This Lollipop

A new site called Take This Lollipop is just in time for Halloween. It starts off as a seemingly innocent page that dares you to take the lollipop by clicking the familiar “Connect with Facebook” button. After you have given it permission to access your information, it shows you a customized video that depicts a creepy man stalking you through your Facebook. He goes through your Facebook profile with crazed eyes, and goes through some of your Facebook photos (the photos change if you do it multiple times). He then proceeds to look up your location on Google Maps. He is then seen driving to track you  and a photo of you can be seen on his truck’s dashboard. After the short video, a countdown begins.

I thought this was implemented extremely well. It went viral over this week and there was a lot of speculation over whether or not this was an advertising campaign. It turns out that this was a neat little project that director Jason Zada decided to do for fun.

It served as a good reminder to think twice about the information you share. The “Connect to Facebook” button is sometimes clicked mindlessly without a second thought about what you are actually sharing. It’s also a great way to get in the Halloween mood!

Keeping Track of my Internet Identities

I was curious about how many websites I had accounts on and I ended up making a spreadsheet document to track my accounts. It turns out, I have signed up for an account for over 30 websites. It’s probably closer to 40 or 50 because I made more accounts that I have forgotten about. I have about 5 usernames that I use between all those sites.

Some of the websites I signed up for are fairly standard. I have a Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr account. I frequent those sites often and I always try to keep in mind that once something is posted, it is exposed to the world and I may not be able to undo my actions.

There are other accounts that I wish I had not made. I used to really like forums and signed up for many accounts. I have forgotten which ones I signed up for and now I know there are some accounts of mine that are just floating on the web. I wish I had been more careful in the past. Nowadays, almost everything is cached so it’s hard to ensure that something is completely off the web unless it was never there in the first place.

Next time, I’ll think twice before signing up for yet another account and ask myself if I really do need to extend my internet identity.

Don’t Put All Your Digital Eggs Into One Digital Basket

I recently read an open letter to Google from Dylan, a user that had 7 years of his digital life deleted. Dylan was an avid user of Google Products and used Google for almost every aspect of his online experience. He had approximately 7 years of correspondence, over 4,800 photographs and videos, his Google Voice messages, over 500 articles saved to his Google Reader account, his Blogger account, and all his bookmarks deleted. He is not sure as to why his account was disabled, and has tried various methods to try and figure out why his account was disabled.

I hope he can figure out what happened to his account. I will use this as a warning to back up my files. I use Google for many of my online activities but I think it’s probably good to not put all my eggs in one basket. I’m glad I have read this as this is a reminder that my online presence is not completely controlled by me. This is really unfortunate that Dylan had to face this situation, but he has had overwhelming support from other users and hopefully his questions will be answered.

Google Plus – My Initial Thoughts

I’ve recently been invited to start a Google+ account and I happily obliged. I’m still trying to get used to layout and I’m sure I haven’t discovered all the features yet but it seems pretty neat. I’m not sure how fond I am about the whole “circles” idea. I found it sort of difficult to categorize the people I know. I understand the practicality but at the same time I didn’t like asking myself whether a person was a friend or simply an acquaintance.

Google+ is very similar to Facebook as many have noted but have some particular features such as the circles, sparks and hangouts. I still haven’t had the chance to play around with these features yet but I’m very curious to see how this will all turn out. Only time will tell if Google+ will be a success.

52 Jobs in 52 Weeks

Sean Aiken was a keynote speaker at a staff conference I attended on April 7. He has a really neat story. He graduated from Capilano College with a degree in Business Administration in 2005 and was at the top of his class. He had the same question many graduates have, “What now?” He decided to do the One Week Job Project.

Here’s how it worked: Anyone, anywhere, could offer Sean a job for one week. Any money he earned for the work, he asked the employer to donate towards the ONE / Make Poverty History campaign. Total earned = $20,401.60

I’m very fascinated by his journey. It might not be where I’m headed but I thought I would share anyways.