An Inspiring Salvation Army Campaign

I have recently spotted several posters around campus from the Salvation Army. I generally enjoy reading and analyzing ads but I was particularly impressed by the advertisements from the Salvation Army. They were very powerful and made a lasting impression on me.

The Salvation Army is doing a campaign that targets a younger demographic. These posters (pdf) are inspired by real life stories. The posters start off with someone describing their life initially. Soon, they are then introduced to something negative (alcohol, drugs, gangs) that lead their lives downhill until they hit rock bottom. Eventually, they find the Salvation Army and they get their life back on track and it becomes a success story as the Salvation Army accepts them regardless and helps guide them to overcome their problems.

This is all visually represented by red text outlining the negative object (bottle, syringe, gun). The rock bottom is actually the bottom of the image. The design is very simple and yet extremely clever. The ad campaign was produced by Grey Canada, the Salvation Army’s advertising agency. I really enjoyed the concept and hope to see more skillfully crafted advertisements in the future!


“Models do not look like real human beings.”

It’s unfortunate that I have been neglecting this blog lately. I have been reading and learning a lot but I just haven’t been posting what I’ve discovered. I recently found an article from the Record (Waterloo Region’s local newspaper) called, Beauty can be a beast and I thought I’d share it. It’s about the media and how it affects the self-esteem and unrealistic expectations of women. I do think the media and advertisement can be a powerful tool, but it obviously has negative connotations and impact as well.

I was particularly surprised when Anne Wilson, a Laurier psychology professor stated that, “The average North American sees upwards of 600 advertisements every day.” I never really thought about how much advertisement I’ve seen in a day… but 600 seems like a massive number. I don’t think it’s an impossible number though. I guess I have never really thought about how much advertisement I’ve been exposed to.

I think it’s important to take advertisements with a grain of salt. Remember not to let them affect your perceptions of yourself.